The recent episode of Barrister Babu starts with where Manorama’s plan completely fails and she gets angry by wondering, that because of Bondita her plan got ruined. Meanwhile, Bondita gets ill and Anirudh asks her that what happened with her there. Bondita justifies herself comprehensively ahead of Anirudh that she does not know how she got a weakness, at the same time Anirudh rebukes her by saying that she should not go anywhere else without informing anyone else. She gets afraid because Anirudh is interrogating her that how she reached there.

Barrister Babu Today's Update 17th April 2021 Written Episode: Manorama's Plan Gets FailedThen Bondita wonders that how can she tell him, so she makes an excuse that just by the way she came there. She does not tell him that when she came to know about this function, at that time she decided to come here. Hence she hides in the car under all gifts with the help of Trilochan, because she knows that if she tells him everything. So he will again rebuke her and talk to Trilochan as well, But Manorama also retaliates Bondita by saying that she destroyed her plan.

After that, Manorama gets worried because circumstances are becoming worst day-by-day, and says if everything goes on like this so the consequences will be very bad. So she will have to do something so that she can manage the situation easily, and again execute her plan without any mess. Because now she is paying attention towards Bondita due to her behavior as she has done in the function, which is not appropriate at all and hence Anirudh keeps worrying about her.

Then Anirudh praises Bondita that she is a brilliant student and got the highest marks in the final exam, so now she has to focus on her study neither this stupidity. Because these things can ruin her mind which is not good enough for her at any cost, Therefore by hook or by crook he has to make some strategy. Under which he can send her to the hostel because only the Hostel environment can bestow her a perfect space. So let see what he will do for her through which she will continue her study of Barrister.

Another side, Manorama gets upset and says that she only had one chance through which she can kill the viceroy, but circumstances were overturned by Bondita and everything got destroyed. But Bondita also gets tensed because whatever is happening in their relationship, her problem is increasing with regard to that. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further updates stay connected with us.

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