The most popular TV show Barrister Babu’s recent episode begins where Bondita keeps on diverting Manorama’s mind so that she can change her “Koti” with her. But Manorama also keeping her eyes on Bondita because she is not mature enough and Somewhere she does not mess up as well. Due to Manorama got to know that Bondita has made the same “Koti” as she has, and trying to change them with each other. Bondita wonders that everyone is going to the party and Anirudh can not let her left in the house.

Barrister Babu Written 16th April 2021 Today's Episode: Manorama Starts Her MissionThen she decides to sit in the car without telling them anything so that she can go to the party with them. Because she does not like that Anirudh leaves her in the house, and enjoys a party with Manorama. Hence she hides in the car through which no one can see her, Trilochan also favoring Bondita under which he deliberately sets the gift in the way because of which Bondita isn’t visible to anyone. Because he also does not like Manorama as Anirudh’s wife, he also says that only Bondita is his wife of him.

After that, you will watch that Manorama thanks Anirudh by saying if he does not support her, then her plan would fail. Because they do not know that Bondita also hiding in the car and she is hearing everything, Anirudh also says that he can not thanks to her enough because he has been able to explain Bondita due to Manorama. He mentions that now she got to know the value of study through which she will definitely become a barrister, and fulfill his dream.

Then Manorama starts conversing with him about their fake wedding but meanwhile, Anirudh gets doubts that Bondita definitely hides in the car. Hence he interrupts Manorama, after some time they reach the party and a lot of people come to welcome them. Manorama gets happier by wondering that now her plan will definitely successful, But she is not aware at all that Bondita has already messed something up. Now it is interesting to watch those who will succeed in their plan.

In the previous episode of it as we could watch that Manorama has prepared everything for exploding at the party. She decided that whenever she will go on stage, she will pull the rope through which the Bomb will explode. But at the same time, she thought to sacrifice her life as well for the nation, she wants to release the country from the constituency of British. So do not forget to watch it on Colors At 08:30 PM and for further information stay connected with us.

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