In the latest episode of Bawra Dil, we have seen that Shiva comes to know about Sidhi. He goes to a temple and appreciates God to untangle this biggest mystery. He also prays to God to send her home. Mangala is telling Kaka that she is ballistic and doesn’t getting understand what to do. Kaka says that we have to do something to throw Malini out of the house. Meanwhile, Jhanvi comes there and teases Mangala, but Mangala laughs and gives a high-five to her.

Bawara Dil Written Update April 26th 2021 Today's Episode: Janhvi Tortures Shiva

Mangala says that she is behind bringing Janhvi back on adobe. Ishwar comes to Malini, but before Ishwar says something, Malini says that she won’t anywhere without her daughter. Ishwar says that she is his daughter either and I won’t leave her alone here and am I always with you. Meanwhile, Yashwant says I am pleading to Janhvi but Ishwar says that girl doesn’t matter at all and we just want our daughter Sidhi back to us.

He further says that we won’t go from here until we get our Sidhi back. Mangala there tells Kaka that I just thought about the girl Jhanvi and met her. She says that she called her here. Mangala says now we don’t need to do anything as everything now everything is upon Jhanvi. In between Jhanvi says she loves Shiva from her soul and she can’t bear separation from Shiva. Mangala suggests to Jhanvi that she has to conquer Shiva’s heart before Sidhi comes back.

Jhanvi leaves. At the same time, Jalwa comes and informs Shiva that this number belongs to a person Dilip Joshi. Mangala there reveals her reality in front of Kaka and says that she will either throw out Janhvi once Sidhi will be back. Shiva comes home and noticed that Malini and Ishwar are sitting in the Garden. Shiva requests them to come into the house.

But they ask about Sidhi, Shiva replies that I won’t lie to you and tells them that he used to love Jhanvi, but now she doesn’t matter at all. He says that he talks to Sidhi on call and asks them again to come inside. Shiva manages to take them home and also tells them Sidhi is my wife and no one can ever take her place. Get the complete episode on Colors TV at 10:30 PM today. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Bawara Dil written updates.

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