Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Latest 4th April 2021 Weekend Elimination Episode: Kiccha Sudeep Praises Vaishnavi


The upcoming Weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 will start with where a host of the show Kiccha Sudeep praises a girl power. He says that Vaishnavi and Divya Suresh have shown their girl empowerment which is really commendable. He mentions that their performance in the pool balance task was outstanding and the task was connected with the captaincy as Bigg Boss announced. They both did their best and as a result, Divya and Vaishnavi will get appreciated by Kiccha Sudeep.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Latest 4th April 2021 Weekend Elimination EpisodeThen he says to her that due to their team’s hard work the task easily overturned by them which is commendable. Sudeep says that after knowing about them that they stood in the pool for around nineteen hours, this thing made him amazed. They all took the task seriously and shown themself best and finest in the task hence all housemates will praise him in the recent episode. They deserve this because the task was not too easy to perform but they did it perfectly without cancelling.

When Divya Suresh and Vaishnavi have performed the task meanwhile other team was attacking them with the water and sponge ball which were hitting them hard. But they have decided to win the task and they have shown their patience level up to the next level which viewers also appreciating, the task was concluded when Shankar Ashwanth tackled Vaishnavi into the water to end the task. But the important thing is that Vaishnavi did not get any injury during the task.


But all the team members concerned about her and all housemates rebuked Shankar for this step, by saying that his activity could have injured her so don’t do anything without thinking about the consequences. Even Sudeep Kiccha guides all housemates about their mistakes which they have done in the previous week because it is his responsibility to tell their mistakes because it is necessary to stop their bad behaviour towards the tasks.

As everyone knows that Weekend ka Vaar episode is mostly organized for all those people who missed watching the episodes. Because they will get to know about all the activities of the housemates which they have done in the previous week, the main intention is to tell them that where-all they went wrong and how to improve themself. So that they can manage their journey ahead in the show. So do not forget to watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.

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