The eighth season of the show called Bigg Boss Kannada has got the success to make people crazy for the show, as the creators of the show bent on trying to put some interesting tasks and concepts for all the participants so that people can stick to the screen. You all must be keen to know about the latest episode and you should be like this because the show is becoming more famous and the game is getting tougher because every single participant is trying to give his/her best in every task so that they can get their way in the game and be in the show till the final episode. If you are also a true BB Kannada lover so be here because here you will get to know about everything that you were looking for.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

The main thing you should know is voting result and if we talk about the voting polls so as per the latest reports Shamanth got 789, KP Aravind got 652 votes, Manju Pavagada got 506, Vishwanath Haveri got 391, Divya Suresh got 278, Raghu Gowda got 265 votes, Divya Uruduga got 243, Vaishnavi Gowda got 214, Shubha Poonja got 211, Rajeev got 210, Nidhi Subbaiah got 128, Prashanth Sambargi 118 and Chakravarthy Chandrachud got only 2 votes that can be risky for him as it is the lowest voting rate.

Arvind and Divya Urud are the cutest couple in the Bigg Boss Kannada 8 event. While the other contestants were talking about something else happening between them, Arvind took over the Divya Urudu ring. Following the special activity of Bigg Boss, Divya Urudu and Arvind join hands with the ring given by their father. Divya Urudu gave Arvind something with joy and love. But, Arvind has fallen somewhere. Arvind lost the ring given by Divya Urudu. Arvind, the loser in the ring, tore up the entire Bigg Boss house. Shubha Poonja and Manju Pavagada helped Arvind find the ring. Divya Urudu does not know what Arvind steals the ring. Arvind gets the ring before Divya Urudu gets the thing? Be careful.

The show is making people crazy and tonight you all are going to watch some more amazing twists as trusted sources have said that perhaps some new entries can enter the show again. One more amazing news that is creating havoc is that again netizens have started to fume on the show because now the makers are focusing on the couple and netizens are thinking that this ought not to happen because the show is all about the game plan so makers should focus on the concept instead of this. The above voting result is estimated and according to the trusted sources so if you find anything wrong hit the comment box and let us know. Don’t forget to watch this amazing show on TV tonight at 09:30 PM. To know more about the show and voting result stay tuned with us because here you will get the needed details.

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