The most interesting TV reality show on Star Vijay Television called Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has completed approximately 60 days. In the house, viewers became a witness of numerous things such as argument, clashes, and tasks. Formally the show is based on the natural activities of the housemates included their actions and reaction as per the circumstance. That how can they handle a situation hence everyone likes to watch it through which it is maintaining consistency of the show from the starting. So check the upcoming episode details below.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 22nd april Episode

In the upcoming episode of it, you will watch that Rajiv, Aravind, and Manju do their task in which they have to handle themself from other contestants. Prashanth Sambargi decides these three names for the task under which they perform it in the garden area. But after some time Bigg Boss interrupts them and comprehensively informs them only Manju, Rajiv, and Aravind are capable in the house to play this task. Their performance astonishes you but somehow the way of their playing could be more appropriate as they will show in the recent episode.

The makers have liberated the recent promo of the upcoming episode in which you can watch all the activities of the task. Through which you will get the idea about the task, according to the promo they will be selected by Prashanth Sambargi and they will show them enthusiasm about the task. This will definitely attract the audience but due to some activities they will get interrupted by the Bigg Boss, as you can watch in the recently released promo, and this twist has created curiosity among all die-hard fans of the show. Another side you can get to know the voting details as well here.

BBK 8 Votting Result

  • Chandrakala- 103 (0.19%)
  • Aravind- 8906 (16.33%)
  • Divya Suresh- 4553 (8.35%)
  • Geetha- 602 (1.1%)
  • Divya Uruduga-4820 (8.84%)
  • Nidhi- 8221 (15.7%)
  • Manju-7387 (13.55%)
  • Prashanth-1112 (2.4%)
  • Nirmala- 88 (16%)
  • Rajeev- 2091 (3.83%)
  • Shamanth-10903 (19.99%)
  • Raghu- 845 (1.55%)
  • Vaishnavi-14.09 (2.58%)

Here we have mentioned all the voting details of this week and these details came as per the recent sources. Through which you can get the idea regarding your favourite contestant’s journey so that you can make them safe in the Bigg Boss house. Through which you can watch their journey ahead in the show Because gradually the show is going towards the decisive phase and hence everyone wants to make themself save from the nominations or evictions. Because everyone has a motto to win the show, so do not forget to stream it at the correct time, and for more updates connect with us.

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