The most interesting TV reality show Bigg Boss Season 8 has begun and episode-by-episode it’s going towards a decisive phase. From the starting of the season, consistency is being maintained by all housemates, through their activities and action, reactions. Which everyone likes to watch on the screen and because of it the show has got the title of the most contentious show, due to contestants’ statements which always create a warm atmosphere in the house. So check the upcoming episode details below along with the voting list.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 April 16th 2021 Written Episode: Housemates Enjoy Rain

Bigg Boss allowed the housemates to soak in the rain and everyone is enjoying the rain, because it’s the most lovable atmosphere, which everyone loves because this atmosphere attracts everyone. When the rain starts at that time all housemates sit in the living area and talk to each other, and share their experience of rain. Then they got the idea and expresses their wish to soak in the rain, and urges to Bigg Boss please allow them for it because it is really hard to miss rain for them, check the recent voting list here.

As you can watch in the recent promo that all housemates soaking in the rain after getting permission from the Bigg Boss, First they urge to open the blinds so that they can see the greenery which rain is creating. Then gradually they come outside from the living area and start enjoying the rain because it’s too romantic. At the same time, you can watch the naughty angle of Shubha Pooja because she expresses her desperate feeling. Hence she starts requesting Bigg Boss and then all housemates start. In the end, Bigg Boss opens the blind and they come into the garden area.


  • Prashanth- 1003 votes ( 2.43%)
  • Nidhi- 3930 votes (9.35%)
  • Manju- 4443 votes (10.78%)
  • Divya Uruduga- 4502 votes (10.92%)
  • Divya Sturesh- 2545 votes (6.17%)
  • Aravind- 8160 votes (19.79%)
  • Vishwanath- 1454 votes (3.53%)
  • Vaishnavi- 954 votes (2.28%)
  • Shubha Pooja- 44 votes (1.8%)
  • Raghu-602 votes (1.46%)
  • Rajeev- 1830 votes (4.44%)

You will watch a different type of angle between the housemates which you never watch before between them. Because first time their perspective and thinking will match with each other, and they will enjoy the atmosphere with each other. You can watch the recent promo of it which already liberated by the makers officially, in which you can watch all activities regarding this upcoming episode. So here we have mentioned each and every detail regarding the voting so check it here directly and get the idea about your favorite contestant. For further information stay connected with us.

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