The most interesting TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has completed more than 58 days and from the beginning, it is maintaining the consistency equally well. This is really amazing and all housemates are doing their best in the house and their activities make havoc situation in the house, and their response makes the show extraordinary and the value of watching. Because their numerous statements make controversies there which is the USP of the show, so here you can check the recent episode details below along with voting trends.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 (BBKS8) Today's Episode 23rd April 2021: 'Horn Task'  Begins TonightThe upcoming episode of it starts with where Bigg Boss gives them a task in which they have to blow the horn, and who will push it first that contestant gets the chance to select the housemates for the task. It seems quite fantabulous which is attracting numerous people to watch it at the correct time. When buzzer press by the Bigg Boss spontaneously they run to blow the horn, But as everyone knows that all housemates have their different strategy to play the game. So there are wide chances for a clash and it will take place in the house for sure.

The new promo of the upcoming episode has released by the makers in which you can directly watch the glimpse of some activities, which are going to happen in tonight’s episode. A lot of parts of the task arranges by Bigg Boss under which they have to prove themself better than another companion. The task arranged in the garden area so that they can compete with each other comfortably. So you will watch Chakravarti vs Rajiv and Manju vs Divya Suresh these contestants are strong enough regarding their strategies, so let see who will win the task.


  • Divya Suresh- 5455 votes
  • Vaishnavi- 1021 votes
  • Manju- 5587 votes
  • Rajeev- 4678 votes
  • Prashanth Sambargi- 4098 votes
  • Raghu- 3076 votes

You can check the voting details here but as per the sources voting, results have liberated by the makers. As we have watched in the previous episode of it that Rajiv, Aravind, and Manju have performed tasks in the garden area. But after a while, they were interrupted by the Bigg Boss by saying that “Only Rajiv, Manju, and Aravind are capable in the house”. Because somehow their strategy does not match with their actions and creates such blunders in the house, and now the task is going to play by all housemates you can suppose how much the episode going to amazing. So watch it atH the correct time and for further information stay connected with us.

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