Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 2nd April 2021 Episode Voting Results: Bhagyalakshmi Announces Hunger Strike


The most popular Tv reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 recent episode starts with where Bhagyalakshmi declares hunger strike over Firoz Khan’s offensive comment, after calling it strategy. In the house, numerous issue is created by them because they live in the same house and they all have their different perceptions, and this is the reason behind their clashes hence this issue has taken the place and the argument also going to happen between them, So here you can get to know the reason behind this hunger strike.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 2nd April 2021

Bhagyalakshmi has announced the hunger strike in the house that she would not take any food as long as her hunger strike ends. Because she knows that the food is making by Sajna and Firoz and she has an issue with them, therefore, she refused to eat the food and this derogatory comment also hurt her a lot. According to the recent reports, Firoz accused her of not doing her duty equally well which is not appropriate but taking the food of the house, and it hurt her a lot and she declared this.

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Bigg Boss is that house where every day a few circumstances happen opposite of their acceptations and somehow it can hurt them. But they would have to bear each and everything and everyone has a right to retaliate with that thing which they do not like to hear, In the show, everyone faces some ups and downs and it is the part of that. Because numerous controversial statement comes from them that becomes the big issues of the fight.


In the previous episode of it as we could watch that Kidilam Firoz & Firoz Khan shared their perspectives regarding the captaincy. Firoz Khan declared that if he becomes the captain of the house so he will make sure to everyone that the house would be fully organized, and he will assign all the duties to the contestants under keeping their comfort in his mind. But after hearing this Bhagyalaksmi gets irritated and she complains against him to Bigg Boss and decided to not having food in the house.

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She demands to Bigg Boss that Firoz should apologize to her due to his statement and she wants him to take back his wording. All the housemates try to make her understand that it is not a solution to show her anger so please take food. She gets accepted their offer and says that she has milk and apple to have it, but she will definitely make him apologizes to her, so watch it on time, and for more updates stay connected with us.



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