In the latest episode of Barrister Babu is starting along with Binoy who has got an invitation. He informs that he has received an invitation for Manorma’s tea party and will get the queen elated. He further says that he got an invitation to Viceroy’s party. He says that he is over the moon as they have got such a luxurious invitation. Anirudh along with Manorama are getting prepared for the functions. Anirudh wonder about Bondita that she will surely feel disgraced. He further thinks that this jealousy will also in the favour of Bondita.

Barrister Babu

Bondita there is thinking that Anirduh must tell the tailor to sitch a ravishing dress for her. Manorama talks to herself that Bondita isn’t aware of what is going to happen to her. While Bondita is studying and says that Anirudh will be proud of her. Manorma is planning to kill the viceroy in the program. Everyone is unaware of what Marorama is up to. She is all set to plan a bomb and will sacrifice for her country by killing him. Just then Bondita gets her dress and at the same time, she gets into an argument with Manorama. Trilochan comes and seeing what is going on.

Trilochan asked what happened and Manorama replies that she doesn’t like to share things with anyone. Trilochan shouts at her and asks her to stop now. He further says that you have to get rid of this obsession. He says that I don’t like to continuously apologise to Bondita. Trilochan asks to apologise to Bondita by touching her feet. But Bindita denies it and says that you are nothing instead of a selfish person who only think about herself. Trilochan again reprimands Manorama and leaves and she starts weeping. Bondita also leaves and goes to be dressed.

Manorama thinks that she can’t tell Bondita, but she will return everything to Bondita that I took from her. Bondita says that she will bend over backwards and will gain respect from Viceroy. While Bondita is preparing to be dressed Bihari signals her and calls her into her room. They both go to the tailor and Bondita asks to stitch a particular dress and shows her the design. She reminds me that Anirudh is talking about Manorama’s design. Bihari provides all the things to her and Bondita asks her to prepare the dress. The episode ends and stays tuned with Social Telecast for further Barrister Babu written update.

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