One of the most sizzling web-shows Jane Anjane Mein has back with its another sequel to entice its huge fanbase. Jane Anjane Mein is considered one of the most thriving and entertaining shows of the Charamsukh web series. The show has delivered some of the best adult web shows including Flat no 69, Call Center, Chawl House, and much more. But Charamsukh Jane Anjane Mein is entertaining its viewers on another level. Every time it comes with its sensational episode delighted each of its viewers. Fans are eagerly waiting for its upcoming episode now which is going to stream on the official Ullu App on 26th March 2021.

charmsukh 4 part 2

Well, the official trailer of the upcoming show has been aired on Social Media along with YouTube on 23 March 2021. This time it is coming along with a completely different plot. The trailer has started accumulating the attention of the audience and fetched 43,803 views along with 4.7 k likes so far since its release. Besides, Jinne Jazz is reprising her role in Jane Anjane Mein Part 4. However, another charming actress of the show Shreya Singh won’t be a part of the sequel. However, Chandini’s father-in-law Raj Kumar and husband Ajay also coming back in the sequel.

So, this time we are going to watch a new character on the show. Chandini’s nephew is coming for his college in her home. As and when Chandini sees her she gets attracted to him. In between, we also see that Chandini also loses her interest in his father-in-law. But he still tries to get close to her she tries to avoid him. Later, when Chandini and her father-in-law are alone in the house. Chandini’s nephew sees them while getting intimate, he stealthily recorded their footage. Now, it will be interesting while he will show the footage to Chandini’s husband or will blackmail Chandini.

So, get engaged with the upcoming arousing sequel. The show is coming up with high expectations of the audience. The huge fan base of the show will surely support the sequel. Well, all the fans get ready to watch and get amused by the highly entertaining plot. So, if you haven’t watched the spectacular web show grasp it on the official streaming site. It is time to again experience the heating performance of Jinne Jazz. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Jane Anjane Mein Part 4 Episode 1.

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