Rakhi again goes to bring water from the kitchen and again Mamaji comes behind her. He asks why did you come by the window, Rakhi gets irritates and says that to stay away from me or else I will complain to Baa. Mama leaves, Rakhi then noticed the window is opened and wonders there is must be someone enters by the window. While Rakhi is in the kitchen the lady thief enters Baa’s room. Baa assumes the thief is Rakhi and asks if you bring water, she replies yes. Baa asks why are you silent and asks if it is someone else. The thief starts running. Baa starts shouting thief.

Check Anupamaa Update 8th April 2021 Latest Written Episode: Kavya Burns In JealousyBaa’s scream wakes up everyone, Pakhi and Kinjal run behind the thief, but she manages to escape. Just then Mamaji holds Rakhi, while Rakhi shouts that she is Rakhi and not a thief. Mamaji recalls the voice and realises that she is Rakhi and asks her where is the thief. But Kinjal and Pakhi manage to catch the thief, she says that she entered with the purpose to steal some eatables as her children are starving. Baa asks you are fine so, why don’t you work for your livelihood. The thief replies that no one is giving her work.

While Rakhi thinks to get her arrested, but Baa denies it and instead offers her food and money and asks her to come tomorrow morning. Rakhi surprisingly asks what did you do, Baa replies, that she is a mother and doing all these for her children. The next morning Baa worships and says that she is Baa and not Anupama. Baa prays to God to cancel Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce so, Anupama will continue worshipping in this home.

Just then Kinjal wakes up by the Alarm, but still feels dizzy. She thinks that it is all because of the last night. At the same Kavya enters, and Baa gets angry seeing her. She asks has Vanraj returned. Baa taunts Kavya and asks her to better stay away from family. But Kavya replies that soon she will enter this house as Vanraj’s wife. Kavya leaves and Kinjal comes and greets Baa. But she gets imbalanced because of dizziness. But Rakhi holds her.

Vanraj contacts Kavya via video call and Kavya starts yelling at him says finally you get time for me. Vanraj says that he stuck here due to curfew. But Kavya says that he is enjoying there with Anupama. Vanraj asks her to take him from here if she can. Kavya hires a cab and compelled him to take her to the resort. The episode ends, stay connected for more Anupamaa written update.

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