Check Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Of Today 5th April 2021: Sherlyn Plans To Burn


Let’s check the written episode of today’s Kundali Bhagya. It begins with Karan and Preeta aka the leads. The couple has gotten closer to each other while celebrating Holi. Well, there are some people who are not delighted with their sudden intimacy. Yes, they are Prithvi and Mahira. They are unable to process that Karan and Preeta are together. Meanwhile, we see that Aastha goes to Luthra”s house to celebrate the fsetival of Holi. When she arrives, Rakhi welcomes her. Later, they all celebrate the festival together and maybe for some time, the family is seen having fun.

Watch Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Of Today 5th April 2021: Sherlyn Plans To Burn However, it is also shown that Aastha helps Preeta in tricking Prithvi. She gives her some suggestions in terms of plans to Preeta so that the latter could get a confession from Prithvi. After several failed attempts of coming up with a suitable idea, the duo finally manages to fool Prithvi by giving them a glass of Thandaai which is infact mixed with Bhaang. After consuming the Bhaaang filled with Thandai, Preeta and Astha wait for Prithvi to finally admit his crime.

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However, Prithvi was about to say something when Suresh reaches Luthra house. Suresh informs everyone that Mahesh has gotten consciousness. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. It was a kind of happening atmposhere in the house. Though, they also wait for Mahes to finally reveal the truth. Mahesh tells that he won’t tell the truth now as he wants to celebrate Holi with the family first.

Mahesh adds that he desn’t want to spoil the festive atmosphere and will reveal the truth after celebrating the festival joyfully. Sherlyn, on another side gets extremely shocked to see that. In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Sherlyn carries a gallon of keosesne. She thinks if Mahesh revealed the truth then she and Prithvi will come in danger. She fears that her life will be spoiled if the truth gets out. She even worries about Prithvi.

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So, Sherlyn eventually decides to set the Luthras on fire as with this, she will take the revenge in one go and all the problems will get solved. On another side, Mahesh eventually tells Karan, Rakhi, Preeta, and Sameer that his health worsened as someone had attempted to kill him. This shocks everyone while Karan gets extremely angry and decides to find out who was that person who did this heinous act. Kundali Bhagya’s written episode ends here. To know the entire story, watch the show on Zee TV at 9:30 PM.



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