Check Pandya Store Latest Written Update 2nd April 2021 Episode: Raavi Finally Gets Married


Star Plus’s latest daily soap Pandya Store is taking place in the heart of its viewers. Well, the show is going in a very positive manner and as you all know it is a family drama show. As you are here to know about today’s episode. Tonight’s episode will start, where Rishita peeps at Dev’s Baraat and she shouts his name. While shouting his name she says that she can’t live without him and says “take me from here”. Dev is unable to hear because the window from where she is screaming is closed.

Check Pandya Store Latest Written Update 2nd April 2021 Episode: Raavi Finally Gets MarriedIn the other scene, you will see Shiva says to Janardhan & her sister to come here and see the Baraat of his brother. Suddenly Gautam reaches there and looks at them angrily. Bua stops the angry Janardhan she goes and closes the door of the room, this Rishita gets angrier and starts to break all the things available in the room. The shot comes on the Baraat where Prafulla says to Jagat that the procession (Baraat) can reach the venue at any time and we don’t know where Raavi has gone.

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She worries about Raavi then Anita, and Jagat try to calm her down. Raavi comes there, after which Prafulla scolds her and asks where she had been roaming leaving her wedding. Raavi replies that she went to see Dev because she wanted to see him first. She also says that she didn’t see him but she met Shiva. Prafulla replies go and get ready for the wedding.


The scene comes from the wedding where Suman looks at Dev having a smile on her face. The bride side brings Raavi to the Mandap, Raavi hugs Dhara, and after that Raavi sits beside Dev so that rituals can be performed. She appreciates and gives compliments to him for the looks and after this, she applies a dot of Kala Tika so that no evil eye can catch him.

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She asks him about how she is looking and after this Dev gets speechless seeing her face and her shiny face and he puts a Kala Tika on her. After all, this Priest (Pandit) says to them to get up and get up to exchange and all the rituals start and the episode ends with this cute moment. Well, there is too much to know about the show for that you have to watch the show on TV and stay tuned to get all the latest updates.



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