Let’s jump directly into the written episode of Pandya Store. Today’s episode begins with Raavi trying to untie Shiva. After a while, Shiva finally gets out of the rope and stands up. Raavi looks at him hoping he might untie her now but Shiva ignores her and goes towards the window. Raavi asks him to release her as well. Shiva thinks that if he untied her and the goons arrived then she can get in trouble. Meanwhile, Janardhan’s man comes and informs the goons that the girl ran away. The goons tell him that she is here only.

Check Pandya Store Today's Written Episode 23rd April 2021: Raavi Slaps Shiva?

Later, the goons call Jaradhan and tell him that the girl is still in their trap. Jaradhan understands that this is the plan of Gautama and Dhara. He orders them to leave them and run away. On another side, one of the goons notices Shiva running. He attempts to catch him and soon they all get violent. All the goons bring out their respective guns and point towards Shiva. Meanwhile, Deva arrives with a stick. He makes the gun fall by using the stick. After that, Shiva, Gautam, Krish, and Dev arrive. They face the goons together.

Then, Dev goes to Raavi and unties her. Raavi is completely in shock thinking her husband left her with the goons. In the next scene, all the family members are waiting for the brothers to arrive with Raavi. Meanwhile, Mami stands up and makes her move to leave the place. Dhara asks her where is she going. Mami replies that she is going to pack Raavi’s stuff as she doesn’t want her to live with illiterate Shiva. Suman gets angry at Mami for using bad words for her son. On another hand, Raavi faints and Shiva carries her in his arms.

Later, Shiva enters with Raavi still in his arms. Prafulla thinks that Shiva killed Raavi and begins to badmouth him. Meantime, Raavi gets conscious and quickly gets off Shiva’s arms. She rases her arms to slap him. Dhara stops her and asks her what is she doing. Raavi lashes out at Shiva. Suman asks Raavi no to say any bad word against Shiva as his mother is still alive. Shiva asks everyone to keep quiet. He tells Raavi if she wants to live with him, she can, if not, she is free to make her decision. Pandya Store today’s update ends. Watch the show on Star Plus at 7:30 PM.

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