The latest episode of Pandya Store begins with everyone preparing to have dinner. Rishita excitedly says that they will munch on spicy dishes. Ravi agrees and tells her that she too wants to enjoy the fast food. Dev tells Rishita that Dhara worked hard to prepare various dishes. Rishita gets annoyed and tells that at least they should enjoy other food outside of the usual dishes cooked by Dhara. Gautam smiles and tells the girls to order anything from the restaurant nearby. They demand Chinese food. Meanwhile, Dhara offers homemade food to Dev.

Check Pandya Store Today's Written Episode 27th April 2021: Rishita Disrespects DharaRishita asks Dev to taste Chinese instead. Dev tells her that he will have the food cooked by Dhara. Rishita insists Dev at least have a bite. Dhara gestures to Dev to eat it. Dev does the same. On another side, Ravi also eats food and soon begins to cough. The family worries about her. Dev and Dhara immediately offer her water. Meantime, Ravi starts hiccupping. Shiva comes to her and pats her back.

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Ravi gets annoyed and lashes out at Shiva for always beating her. Shiva asks her to thank him instead as due to his pat, her hiccups stopped. Rishita offers Ravi to taste Chinese but the latter tells her that she is allergic to that. Soon after, Rishita starts screaming in pain. Everyone gets worried that what happened to her. Rishita tells them that she feels like vomiting. Krish gets excited. He congrats Rishita.

Dev gets worried and tells Rishita that she should have eaten homemade food only. Rishita informs him that this is not the reason why she is feeling such a weird feeling. Later, Rishita vomits. Dhara helps Rishita clean her mouth. Dhara goes to prepare Kada for her. After a while, the family begins their journey, and each the Haveli. Rishita gets amazed seeing the beauty of it. Gautam asks Dhara if she remembers anything after seeing it.

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She tells him that her love story started here. Later, they hug each other. Shiva there talks with Rishita. He asks her if she knows why she got sick. Rishita shakes her head. He tells her that she disrespected Dhara and her food, that’s why she got this as a punishment. The enjoyment will continue in the upcoming episode of Pandya Store. However, the viewers will get to see Dev and Rishita’s romance in that Haveli while Shiva and Ravi will also get closer.


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