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The most exciting Tv reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 has created a wide fan base and therefore it has the title of most-watched Show. Hence the TRP rating also too high because the contestants are providing the best and pure entertainment level which everyone likes to watch it. Numerous viewers have their interest in the show because all the turns and twists have a different fan following so the upcoming episode of it starts with where you would watch an argument between Sandhya Manoj and male contestants.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 (BBMS3) Today's Episode Update 1st April 2021: Check Voting Details & Arguments!As everyone knows that Bigg Boss gave them a task in which he divided two teams and both teams have al brilliant players. But in the task, they all have different perspectives which are not similar at all, and hence the clashes are taking place where all the housemates argue for the right of their team so that they can win the task. Because they know how much the task is important for them because only this can give them few privileges which make their life easy in the house.

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When the other team comes to Sandhya Manoj along with all the washed clothes but their presentation seems bad, and therefore she and the other male contestants get into an ugly argument. But she sticks on her words and says that if they want to get points s their performance matter there a lot and rejected all clothes and says that now do your task and your these clothes have rejected. But he says that there is no meaning to start cheating on the task.


Another team also retaliate with her because her decision does not like by the other team and refuse to accept their decision. They say if she takes any decision with biasedness so it can be ruined the task she says that here it is her choice to select the clothes or not they can not pressurize her for changing the decision because Bigg Boss this gave her the right for it and therefore there argument converted in the mouth battle.

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The recent promo of the show has also released by the makers so you can watch that through which you can get the idea about the upcoming episode. In the previous episode as we could watch that Ramzan Muhammed and Anoop Krishnan also got into an ugly argument while playing the task and all housemates handle them at that time so that they can not hit anyone else, so do miss watching it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.

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