It seems that the reality dance show Dance Deewane is sticking to its words. As it assures that it provide never-ending entertainment for all of its viewers. Now, the show is living up to the expectations of the audience. The show is continuing with the grace and glitz of the guest judge Nora Fathehi keeping the pathos of the show high. Well, the show is again assuring a high dose of entertainment with all the exclusive performances of the contestants and on-stage fun of the judges, all these are going to make a wonderful episode of Dance Deewane.

Dance Deewane Season 3 April 25th 2021 DD3 Today's Episode: Elimination & Performance UpdatesIn the previous episode, we have watched that Papai and Antara have stolen the limelight of the show with their pristine performance. The terrific performance just amazed the judges and received a standing ovation. Whether Tushar and Nora even stand on the desk of the judges and give the performance grand salute. While moving back to the upcoming episode, the fun begins with the cute but astonishing performance of Gunjan. Her great moves make all the judges stand to praise her performance.

Her mother also got emotional seeing such a dynamic performance of Gunjan. After the performance, Nora also shakes her legs with Gunjan on the judges’ desk. Well, the fun won’t stop here as Gunjan says that she wants to say something to Shomansh while he starting blushing there. Gunjan further says that he wants to thank him for he made her win in a dancing battle with Nora Mam.

Gunjan says let’s bury the hatchet and become friends. Shomansh gets agree comes on the stage and hugs each other. All the judges elated to see such a lovely moment on the stage of the show. Even after all this entertainment is yet to serve with the applauding performance of little Govinda of the show. Everyone is excited about the dance act and the performance of the rest of the contestants.

Meanwhile, Raghav comes on the stage with Tushar and Punit, and they all trying to perform some of the well-known moves of the special guest in a funny way. Bharti and Harsh also keep the energy level of the show high with their humor and endless comedy. We suggest you don’t miss all the fun and joy of Dance Deewance, catch the episode on Colors TV at 9 PM this Sunday. Get all the latest Dance Deewane Season 3 written updates on Social Telecast.

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