The most shocking news is arriving in front of people that the biggest container ship has created a huge issue in the world’s major shipping routes to a halt due to broken. But when she looked at her phone she figured out that numerous rumours are saying she is to blame. According to Egypt’s first female ship captain, “she was shocked after knowing about this rumour, she mentioned that it was a technical issue through which these circumstances have happened, check here all details about it.

Marwa Elselehdar

When the incident took a place at that time she was doing her duty as the first mate in command of the AIDA IV, so far in Alexandria. As per Egypt’s Maritime Safety Authority does the mission for a lighthouse in the red sea regarding the runs supply. The regional university of Arab (AASTMT) “Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport” but the main issue is that she is being blamed for the incident to block the Suez Canal Issue, check all details regarding this.

She shared her statement regarding this because she thought that other opposition can target her for the incident so she said ” I was shocked after seeing such news which is creating rumors” as per the recent report “she felt that she might be targeted maybe due to she is successful female in this work or another reason she is Egyptian, but she is not sure she added this in her statement. This is what said her to in the statement with added that only 2 percent of women are part of seafarers.

She said in their society still people do not accept that the female does such work in the sea field but if someone loves to do the work so there is no need to take any permission from anyone. Because if someone has a passion so they definitely do the work in which they have interest so that they can make their future shine. But in the work field, everyone would have to face such circumstances and consequences as well.

As per the sources on 22nd March a fake screenshot or news was released officially which was marking her blame, and hence the news was viral on social media in a huge way. But at the end of it, that news was totally fake because everyone knows that rumors always spread fast than genuine news, but she gave her statement which you can check in this article and for more updates stay connected with us.

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