In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka featuring Riya Sharma as Mayura and Sahil Uppal as Omkar in the leading roles. The show is going through a much interesting phase, as Mayura has been separated from her daughter Tara for 5 years. As her husband, Omkar takes away Tara from Mayura due to his blind faith in Agrima Devi. As she made them believe in superstitious things that much he separated Tara from Mayura. Mayura brokes down mentally and goes to Ashutosh who is a psychiatrist who examines Mayura. Mayura gets well and decides to Narmada river where it all started.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th April 2021

Tara turns 5 years old but still weak because she is a pre-mature child and also didn’t get feed by her mother when she was an infant. So, as usual, Omkar and Manjiri took her to the priest rather than the doctor. The priest suggests that she is quite weak because of all that happens when she was born. He further suggests that take her to the Narmada river bank for a sacred bath. Omkar does the same without knowing that Mayura is already there.

After some time, Mayura finds out about Tara and tell her that she is an angel mother. But at that time she doesn’t know that Tara is her daughter. But later, she came to know that Tara is her daughter and become restless, but Akhilesh says that she would again lose the chance of getting Tara back if you stick with her emotions. But, somehow Mayura takes help from Dr Khanna and goes to Tara disguising as Nurse Nayan and goes to Tara. Mayura tries to get Tara back but fails many times. Later, Omkar also fired Nayan from her job, but later got her back for Tara as her condition getting worse.

After a while, Mayura again tries to take Tara but at that time she kidnapped by Megha. Tara later found by any neighbour and gives it to Akhilesh. He informs Mayura that he finds Tara and Omkar along with Manjiri and Mayura reach to Mayura’s house. Omkar takes Tara back and Mayura cries. Megha suggests filing a case against Omkar but later herself revealed to Omkar that Mayura is going to file a complaint against you and Omkar already sent a legal notice to Mayura to stay away from Tara in exchange for money. Mayura stunned when she came to know this. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update.

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