The recent episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani begins where Anokhi reaches the college but she does not feel like doing anything and keeps on remembering Shaurya. Then Reema comes to her and says that she knows that still, Shaurya does not come here and she is missing him hence she is feeling like this. Anokhi denies to her and says that she only wants to know that he is fine now and about his health as well, She expresses her soft feeling towards him through the concern.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Today's 9th April 2021 Episode Update: Gayatri Refuses To Accept Anokhi?Then Kanchan makes Gayatri understand that Shuarya likes Anokhi but she refuses to accept this by saying it can not happen at all. Gayatri mentioned that when she asked him about a girl then he elaborated and it seemed that he was talking about his ex. She does not accept Anokhi as Shaurya’s choice because both have a different perspective to live their life and their opinions also do not match at all, But Kanchan keeps on talking about Anokhi and mentions that she met her.

After that, Kanchan praises Anokhi that she is too intelligent and beautiful as well in short beauty with brain and she can handle Shaurya easily. Gayatri makes her understand that Anokhi is not perfect for their family and they will also not accept her as a daughter-in-law because as far as she has concerned about her she has the same perception as Aastha has. She mentions that Devi won’t accept her and if she gets to know about their bond so she will make trouble for her.

Gayatri expresses her feelings in this matter that she had witnessed whatever they have done with Aastha, so if now past again repeated by them so it will totally inappropriate for her and she does not want this. That someone faced such bad circumstances which Aastha faced in her past because of all those consequences she won’t able to bear if it happens with her. But still, they are unfamiliar with their attraction that day-by-day they are coming close to each other.

Then Shaurya reaches their and they both start blushing after seeing each other and Shaurya announces, that this Holi will be persuaded in an overwhelming way. Devi gets a Shagun’s call and she informs her that he went to find her outside when rain was going on and as the result, he got a fever so she seems that she should have come ahead of him so that she could have taken care of him. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 07:00 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.

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