Finally, it’s the time of the year when Christians all around the world will celebrate Easter. Just like every other festival or occasion, this is also celebrated every year with full excitement and enthusiasm. Well, there must be people wondering what this festival is all about. So let us inform you everything about the Christian festival along with plenty of the Best Easter quotes, images, and wishes. Starting with the period it gets celebrated worldwide, it falls between 21st March and 25th April. This also indicates the arrival of the spring season as it is commemorated when a full moon is witnessed in spring.

Happy Easter Day 2021

Since this is a Christian festival, it is undoubtedly connected to their God, Jesus Christ. Going by the Bible, it is said that Christ had died due to hanging on a cross. Well, the Christians celebrate that particular day as Good Friday and just after this festival, comes Easter. On this day, it is believed that Jesus Christ took rebirth on Earth. Yes, he was resurrected on that day. The popular festival mainly falls on Sunday. This year it has fallen on 4th April 2021 where everyone will celebrate it with pomp and show. The excitement is clearly evident in everyone regarding the anticipated occasion.

Happy Easter Day Quotes

Easter is a time to pray to God and ask him to shower endless love, joy, and peace on your family. I wish you a happy Easter 2021!

May you and you have one of the best Easter 2021 celebrations of all time. Pray Jesus to vanish all your sins and bestow you the lessons of love and devotion.

The biggest joy of all is joining hands together and commemorating the resurrection of the son of God. I wish you a memorable Happy Easter day!

On this day, a lot of hustle and bustle can be seen in Curches. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the anticipation has gotten decreased. Due to the government’s orders and guidelines, all of the churches will remain shut so the people will have to spend their special days in their respective residences only. Though, by making proper use of smartphones, people might talk to each other through video calls. While it is also expected that some inspirational and happy sermons will be streamed.

Despite the strict guidelines regarding the gatherings, the family and friends can still do a small get-together at home and enjoy this special day. Various delicious dishes are cooked while everyone enjoys one another company and even prays together. It is the most happening day for the Christians as the day is marked as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Besides the prayers and get-together, some terms are heard this day only that include Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny, and chocolates.

Well, if you are wondering that Christians consume eggs on this day then you are mistaken. This whole week from Good Friday to Easter is considered as a “Holy Week” so having anything like that is believed as sinning. What Christians do is beautifully decorate the eggs which are laid during this time and then gift one another to make them feel special. The same goes for the chocolates as well where the people made hollow-shaped eggs filled with chocolates.

The most important is the Easter Bunny which is given much importance on this day. It is said that they give birth to their younger ones called kittens and are known as symbols for the festival as they also produce new life. Celebrated with a lot of joy, Easter Day will fall on 4th April so enjoy the festival without breaking any safety guidelines issued by the government as it involves your well-being itself. Get all the images, happy quotes, and positive wishes related to the Christian festival here.

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