The Blacklist Season 8 Finale Is There An Episode 23? How Many Episodes In Season 8?

The new season of the series ‘Blacklist’ has been running through the minds of people as the season is full of promise as the tense relationship of Raymond Reddington with Elizabeth Keen which was a useful one for the character has broken down as they both have ended up on the opposite sides when you take in consideration the divide, they have been part of the show for seven years now and have been working together since then.

The Blacklist Season 8 Finale

Liz has figured out some answers when it comes to the past of Red and she has also got some idea about the endgame plan and it has to be said that this has been one of the best seasons of the series yet as every episode has been flawless and it has kept the audiences in a dilemma and the fans are pretty eager to know about the number of episodes that are going to be there when you talk about the going on the season as the show has managed to gain a separate fan base and it seems like that this is going to be the case until the show is going to be up and running.

The Blacklist Season 8 Finale

How Many Episodes In Season 8?

Season 8 has been up and running on NBC and it has started airing on 13th November and it seems like that the new season was expected to release a little sooner but it got delayed because of the COVID19 complications as the shooting of the show was being delayed every now and then because of the desperate situation that was formed by the virus.

Even though it has been late to air, the fans are binge-watching the show as the show is making the fans pretty excited as the show has managed to put the main characters against each other and this is pretty intriguing for the fans as Liz is in the zone of finding out as to why Reddington came into her life and is trying to find the answers as she is trying to figure out about the endgame that is being planned by Reddington.

Episode 21 took the fans to the very beginning of the show which was pretty nostalgic for most of the audiences and then in the 22nd episode which has the title ‘Konets- Russian for the end’ in which Reddington makes a disturbing request from Liz which is for the exchange for the truth about the guy’s identity.

The blacklist season 8 consists of 22 episodes so that means that the episode which aired on 23rd June was the last episode of this season and this confirms that there is not going to be the 23rd episode and NBC has also confirmed that the show is going to have a season 9 and this news came on 26th January after 3 of the episodes were aired of the season 8.

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