The upcoming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali starts with where Raghav is working outside and he hears some cranky sound and comes to figure out what’s going on there. Farhad interrogates all women that what they are doing here, they reply that Rghav called them. Suddenly he runs inside and starts shouting at them that who called them here, spontaneously Pallavi replies that she called them. Meanwhile, she puts a condition in front of him that whenever she will get keys she will go back from here.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Today's Episode April 19th 2021: Jaya & Kirti Get ArrestedThen Jaya and Kirti look at the photos and say all pics are looking extraordinary, Kirti says that she should look at some more pictures. Suddenly someone presses the bell switch and she comes to open the door and sees the Police standing there, She asks them that what happened something is wrong here. Police officers say that they have to check their house because they got the information’s that Jaya illegal business. Jaya refuses to accept whatever police officers are saying.

After that, Raghav says to Pallavi that she should close her shop and open an Ashram here because she is good at lectures. Because she is selling 3 sarees on 1 saree’s price which is not appropriate at all, and if it goes long so she will have to give keys of the shop automatically. Pallavi mentions that it’s just a beginning and as per the business strategy she will have to give some discount to the customer so that they can attract to the shop, but he keeps on retaliating with her.

Then Harish makes a call to Raghav and suddenly Jaya’s health getting down in the jail and Kirti says that please give her some water. On another side, Harish meets Raghav and informs that both Jaya and Kirti get arrested by the police. Pallavi tells everything Krishna and he makes her understand that she did wrong because it’s not the right time to give them a huge discount. If they do this so it can be bad for them because recently they set a business.

Then Raghav reaches the police station and asks about the inspector Swami, and pushes the in charge, and says release them right now from the jail. Farhad consoles him and says that do not worry he will talk to him regarding the issue, Farhad apologizes to the inspector due to Raghav’s behaviour, then Raghav goes to Jaya and Kirti and sees them crying. He asks them what happened at that time Kirti replies that she does not know anything. He says do not worry he will make them release. So watch it on Starplus at 06:30 PM.

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