The makers of Color TV’s Choti Sarrdaarni are bent on trying to make the show more amazing and tries to make the audience stick to the TV. The show is going in a pretty good manner but here are some dramatic twists in the show tonight. In the latest episode of Choti Sarrdaarni you all are going to watch, Karan talking Sarab and says that I went to her but she didn’t even open the door, On this Sarab replies and suggest him not to go there again. Sarab goes to the room and he sees Meher they start asking each other about the circumstances. He asks her why you left me with kids I’m nothing without you please come back, Meher replies I’ll be in your heart with you every time.

Choti Sardarni

When she says that I will live in you and in your heart, Sarab replies we will meet soon and then i won’t let you go anywhere and starts recalling all the moments with her. In the next scene you will watch Karan Ignoring Param, Param Goes to him and asks what happens why are you ignoring me, he replies I’m not talking to you and ignoring you because you have done something and you should know about that. Param asks him about the thing that he has done, he says let me do know, karan tells him that you went to dad and complaint about me. Param says I did that because you were doing that thing that you should not.

As you all have watched in the previous episode that Seher appreciates Sarab as he insists and let Sandhya stay. On the other side, Param gets to know about Sarab that he has gone to meet Sandhya. He gets enraged and runs towards her room to get her. he gets to know that Harleen is scolding Karan badly. The show is getting more limelight as every episode airing.

In the next scene of tonight’s episode, you will watch, Ginni & Jeeto fight to get the remote. Ginni says that she wants to watch Zumba classes but Jeeto denies giving the remote by saying that she took it first and she is not going to watch that Zumba classes. Jeeto also taunts her saying you need to lose weight as you are so fatty. Ginni goes to Rana and says that she need a new television in the house. Well, there is much more to see tonight don’t forget to watch it on TV and stay tuned to get all the latest updates on the show, to know more stay tuned and stay safe.

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