Today’s episode of Anupamaa begins with a fuming Kavya. Since both Vanraj and Anupama had gone together for a picnic, she fumes in anger. She continuously looks at the door to see if the couple has returned yet. On another side, Baa and Pakhi think about ways to reunite the couple. Nandini sees Kavya getting tensed. She goes to comfort her and says that she should not take stress as it will not help her but will add stress only. She continues and tells her that she should work on her insecurities first as it will affect her badly.

Anupamaa kavya

Bapuji sees Baa taking stress. He asks her if she is okay. The latter doesn’t answer but gives a simple nod instead. Later, Kinjal tells Babpuji that Anupama (Anu) and Vanraj haven’t returned yet from the picnic. Bapuji says that it’s really a topic of concern since Anu has not kept her smartphone with her. Though, Kinjal worries a lot about them. She asks Bapuji what could be the reason they have not come back home. Baa tells them not to worry as they must have lost the track of time.

On another side, Kavya phones Vanraj but he doesn’t answer. She even leaves some messages but Vanraj doesn’t reply to any of those. She loses her cool thinking that they both would be enjoying their company. Meanwhile, Kavya gets a call from Anirudh. He reminds her about the NOC which states that she gave that house to him without any pressure. Kavya tells him that she will mail that document to him in some time. However, Anirudh senses that Kavya has cried. He asks her if she fought with her boyfriend. The latter disconnects the call.

Anirudh comes to Kavya’s place to check up on her. Kavya asks why did he come at that time. Anirudh tells her that he sensed that she is not okay so he decided to visit her. Kavya breaks down and tells him that she is hurt as she has become the second woman, so everybody will look at her questioningly. Anirudh tries to comfort a hurt Kavya. On another side, Vanraj and Anu worry about how to tell everyone that they are about to take divorce.

Baa and the other family members think about them as well. They think that it will be quite shocking if the divorce took place. They all decide to try their best to stop Anupama and Vanraj from getting divorced. Kavya plans to disclose the divorce finalization of the couple in front of the family in order to take revenge on Anupama.

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