Anupama and Vanraj stuck in the resort due to riots going on in the city which blocked the roads in the latest episode of Anupamaa. They both are heading to their room while Anupama misses her step. Vanraj handles her and asks to be careful. She recalls Vanraj is telling her detachment is fine but now they are realising that if their relation going to end just with one signature. Vanraj says that whenever she will find herself in any kind of difficulty, he will be there for her. Anupama again recalls when Vanraj yelling at her that she ruined her life.

Today's Anupamaa Written Episode Update 6th April 2021: Kavya To Expose Vanraj And AnupamaAt home, Baa is standing outside and overhears their neighbour is talking bad about Anupama. Baa goes to them and give a befitting reply to them. Pakhi goes there and tries to control her. But when the neighbour still bad mouth for Anupama Baa gets into a heated verbal spat with them. The next-door neighbour says that Anupama is characterless and Baa gets mad hearing this and give her a tight slap. But the neighbour registered a police complaint against Baa.

The Police come and says that he has to arrest Baa. Mamaji comes there and says arrest him instead. Meanwhile, Rakhi comes there along with her lawyer and warns the neighbour that she will get her arrested if you again attempt to harass a senior citizen again. The neighbour withdraws her complaint. Rakhi then sees Kavya standing there and says Anupama and Vanraj have spent a beautiful night in the resort.

She then greets Anirudh and makes Kavya feel jealous. Vanraj and Anupama are still walking and Anupama is continuously comparing the words of Vanraj. Baa is preparing food and taunts that she has to prepare food even after she has two daughters in law in this house. Just then Kinjal comes and asks her to take a rest and she will prepare food.

Anupama and Vanraj are walking and Anupama says that childhood gets to end with marriage but no one suggests how to take that story further after marriage. Vanraj wishes that their story continues. Vanraj is still in a dilemma how will they inform their family about their divorce. Kavya is planning to inform about Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce before them. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on Anupama written episode update.

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