The dating reality show is not leaving any stone unturned to entertain the viewers. Yes, MTV’s popular Splistvilla X3 or Season 13 has been providing an extreme level of content since its premiere. This show has finally arrived in the seventh episode where unexpected twists would be seen. As two wild cards, Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani have spiced up the show with their entry, Saturday’s episode will move forward from there only. The Splitsvillan will attempt to convince the wild card entrants to join their respective groups. However, the ‘Wild Villa’ winners will turn the tables tonight.

splitsvilla 13 today's episode

Devashish will shock the contestants with his strange behaviour. He will ask the female participants for some girlish things including a hairdryer, toothpaste, and their hairbrush. Though it could be a well-thought plan of Devashish either. Well, Devashish will not just stop here and will reach even beyond that. The wild card contestant will provoke the groups who will end up getting involved in a steamy fight.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode

In spicing things up, Sapna will also join the plan. The former Roadies contestant will deliberately throw one of the contestants’ clothes into the swimming pool. Now, such activities will certainly spoil the positive environment currently seen in the show and the viewers might expect some power-packed verbal spats from the contestants. Both the Gold Villa and Silver Villa’s participants will be divided into groups and will present their respective opinions.

Besides the arguments and verbal spats, the participants’ connection will also get affected. Yes, Vymoseh, the chocolate boy of the Villa might get seen getting a bit attracted towards Sapna. The contestant had shown interest in Bhumika and Arushi so far. Well, tonight, Shivam and Kevin will also get into an argument. The duo always had a problem with each other and in today’s episode of MTV Splistvilla X3 Season 13, the male participants will get extremely aggressive.

As per the sources, Kevin and Shivam will get extremely closer to each other. Due to the close proximity, their bodies will touch with one another for a millisecond. Shivam will hold his nose and will portray as if Kevin injured his nose. Kevin Almasifar also mocked Shivam saying “Oh my nose broke”. It will be super thrilling to watch what comes out as a conclusion. Speaking of the last eviction, Shweta Nair and Azma Fallah got out of the reality show. Watch the show at 7 PM and stay tuned with us for more updates!

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