The recent episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with where Rakhi asks the doctor about Mahesh’s health that what happened to him because he was fine for some time. Prithvi thinks about Sherlyn and suddenly he sees her that she is passing signals to him beside the wall. Mahesh gets fallen on the surface while Rakhi asks Srishti to bring the water for him, But Mahesh keeps on starring Pawan and starts drinking water. He also sees Mahira who is pretending her concern meanwhile Sherlyn says to Mahira that they should leave now.

Kundali Bhagya Kritika & Preeta

Janki is talking to Ganesh that whatever he is telling her she can not believe on that, and Sarla comes back to him with an excuse that neighbours put a lot of colors on her face, which she does not like at all. Then she interrogates Janki that why she is crying with joy she asks her that did she talk to Ganesh and asks him about Luthra’s house because she wants to know everything is fine there or not. Then he informs her that Mahesh got recovered from the Coma.

After that, he says when he recovered since then everyone is taking care of him so that his health can be more improved. Sarla gets happy to hear this and thanks God to give them this good news on the divine function on Holi. Then Sarla gets emotional and starts crying because she knows that only Mahesh is the only one in the Luthra Family who knows the truth of numerous conspiracies which Preeta has faced in her past and only he supports her.

Then all the family members try to make him cool down but he continuously pointing Prithvi but they do not understand the signs which he is passing to them. Then Mahesh asks Karan about the person who is trying to harm their family so hence he has to confess the name of that person so that they can stop him to do such things which can hurt their family. Then they take him inside the room and after seeing this Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahita get happy because their secret did not expose.

Then Sherlyn comes ahead of Staffroom so that she can call Prithvi there she arrives in anger by saying that she is not happy at all. Because he did not shave his beard as per the condition, then he asks her for the clothes so that he can change his attire and look as well and Sherlyn says that she booked a room in the same hotel by fake Identity. Then she goes from there and Preeta also comes outside from the staffroom so that she can destroy all the evidence, So do not forget to watch it on ZeeTv at 09:30 Pm.

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