As you all know that Kumkum Bhagya is just becoming a more lovable show for its viewers and before going further let’s have a look at the previous episode and in the previous one we all have watched Abhi gets so happy to see Rhea & Prachi standing with each other. Mr. Singhania tells Pragya that he is working on Tanu’s case. In the latest episode, Tanu tells to Pragya that she is not happy and punishing her for balk her chance that she was about to take to get Abhi to teach the lesson for mocking her love.

Abhi gets so happy to see Rhea & Prachi standing with each other

There Pragya gets very disappointed when every lawyer denies taking her case. Prachi reaches Tanu’s house but when she arrives she observed that no one is there. Meanwhile, Ranbir notices Tanu with a stranger and chases them until they reach their house. There in Mehra’s house, everyone gets concerned when Aalia tells them that no one is ready to take Abhi’s case.

Pragya overhears her and makes everyone realizes that she got one lawyer who is ready to take Abhi’s case. As you all have watched that Riya asks Pragya that as she was saying that she will talk to a lawyer for Abhi’s case did she talk? She leaves the place by saying that we will win the case. Riya gets happy and says to Aalia that Mummy fulfilled her words as she must go to get her father rescued in the last episode.

Tonight there will be some more amazing and dramatic twists in the episode. Prachi gets hide when she sees Tanu’s car arriving and stops chasing Ranbir. Ranbir tries to enter Tanu’s house as he is pretending like a carpenter and suddenly gets into an argument with the guard as he gets stopped by him. In between the desperate Pragya goes to Sarita and asks for help Pragya gets a ray of hope when Sarita tells her that she knows a Lawyer who can take this case and help her.

Well, the show ends with this happy twist because no one was ready to take this case and finally they got the one. If you keen to know more and that too with virtually don’t forget to watch it on TV and stay tuned to get all the latest written updates on this show. Till then stay safe and stay connected with us.

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