As you all know that the makers of the show bent on trying to make the show more amazing and dramatic and with every episode, the show is hitting everyone’s heart, and in the latest episode of your favourite show, there will be some more crazy twists and shocking scenes. Tonight’s episode will start where you will watch, Pragya Saying to the goddess that she won’t worship, and if the goddess wants her to believe in her so she has to return her husband. After praying she senses that Abhi is calling her.

Kumkum bhagya

After feeling this she tries to flee out of the house but suddenly Sarita comes and stops her. In the next scene, you will watch Mitali, Baljeet, Aalia, and Rhea everyone gets in a room after hearing Abhi’s voice, Aalia and Mitali starts thinking and gets worried about the presence of Tanu as she is in the house. Abhi recalls all the incidents that have happened to him. When he goes out of the room he looks for Pragya, As always Aalia tries to defame her and characterize her in a bad manner.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Though Baljeet comes there and tells Abhi everything that Pragya has done for him. Tonight’s episode starts where Pragya sitting alone along with Abhi in the Park, suddenly a biker passes right away from there and she recalls that the biker is the same person who attacked Abhi, but the only thing that is not the same is goon is not having the gun with himself perhaps he forgot to bring, but he acts like he is having the weapon.

Pragya tries to leave the place as soon as possible, she says to Abhi that let’s have a race and see who exits first from the park.  Suddenly he asks Pragya can I sit here as he gets bewildered. Pragya replies that we are just playing a game of hiding and seek so you have to get hide and I will seek for you, and she hides him in a car. As you all have watched in the previous episode that Tanu gets ready for the marriage as she was eagerly waiting for the day.

She thinks about Aalia that why she is not picking her up. After some time Ranbeer enters her room and he says that he is with her, unless Aalia is not coming. He asks her “why you didn’t drink that water” after saying this he leaves the room and Tanu starts feeling eerie as he didn’t appreciate her and leave. Here are too many things to watch and for that, you just have to hit your television and to know more about the show stay tuned & stay safe.

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