As Mahesh has gotten conscious in Kundali Bahagya, both Sherlyn and Prithvi are worried. Today’s episode of Ekta Kapoor’s serial begins with Pawan. He accidentally bumps into Mahesh. Pawan sees him and asks him if he has seen Prithvi. The latter recalls the past moments where he had threatened Mahesh. He angrily grabs Pawan’s collars. Pawan gets confused. Mahesh tells him not to act innocent as he has recalled everything they did to him previously and he will make sure to disclose their real identities in front of the Luthra family.

Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2021 Written Today's Episode: Prithvi Regains Consciousness Mahesh continues to warn Pawan. He tells him that previously he had not known that Prithvi and Pawan knew each other. He adds that Rishabh always had told him that Prithvi looks familiar but he never paid his words any attention. Later, Mahesh plans to expose all of them including Mahira, Prithvi, Pawan, and Sherlyn. He decides and takes some step to reach Rishabh.

However, Pawan gets sacred that if Mahesh actually told everyone or Rishabh about their doings, then they all will get in trouble. Pawan thinks it would be better if they just kill him. So when Mahesh leaves to go to Rishabh, Pawan secretly follows him. While on another side of the story, Sherlyn is sweating in fear. She grabs the gallon of kerosene and decides to pour it everywhere in the house so that she can set the whole house on fire. Meanwhile, Mahira comes to Sherlyn.

She tells her that Mahesh got his memory back as he eventually recognized Pawan. Sherlyn gets scared by hearing that and tells her that they definitely will have to kill Mahesh to get out of the problem. Later, Mahira gets curious and asks Sherlyn about Pawan’s rivalry with the Luthra. Sherlyn doesn’t say anything while she starts feeling safe vibes as she heads to Prithvi’s room. Sherlyn goes to the living room instead and asks everyone to gather in the area and lies to them that it was Mahesh who asked him to gather.

Later, Mahesh comes. Everyone asks Mahesh if he has something to tell them. Mahesh begins by saying that previously there was someone who tried t kill him. Everyone gets shocked and just stares at him being confused. Meanwhile, Prithvi also regains consciousness and walks towards Mahesh. They both look into each other’s eyes. This was today’s written episode of Kundali Bhagya. Read more updates of the show on Social Telecast.

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