In the latest episode of Molkki, Virender is showering love on Purvi. But Purvi says that you are saying this under the effect of Bhang. She further says that you are the same person who insulted me in front of the entire village and now expressing your love to me. She says I ain’t your wife anymore as I am just a Molkki to you. You can give the position of your first wife to me. You only considered Sakshi as your wife. She further says I won’t get that place in your life.

Latest Molkki Today's Written 23 April 2021 Episode: Virender To Marry Purvi?Virender again pleads to her not to leave this house, he then thinks about how he wins the trust of Purvi again as she is not listening to him even once. Virender further thinks that he has to make Purvi understand that he respects Purvi from the depth of his heart. He thinks that he also detaches the tag of Molkki from her name. Virender says that now, Purvi will stay in this house as his wife, not as Molkki as Sakshi used to live.

Sakshi there is strolling in the corridor and noticed that the kids are playing near. Sudha comes to her room and finds her missing and she goes to look at Sakshi. Bhuri is also in the corridor, Sakshi sees kids’ toys and touches them. Sakshi sits on the bed with a toy in her hand and Bhuri is about to enter the same room. But Sudha comes at the right time and again saves Sakshi and takes Sakshi from there.

Bhuri and Anjali both are drinking Bhang and talking about Virender and Purvi they both are unaware that Purvi overhearing their conversation. Purvi listened to the complete planning of Anjali and get stunned hearing it. Anjali and Bhuri planning to make Purvi walk on burning coals and at the same time Virender is also bemused that what is matter to take 10 rounds of the entire village. Purvi now understands all the things and her doubt for Virender also vanished.

She thinks that all that has planned by them and Virender’s truth also comes in front of her. She apologized to her Lord for doubting Virender. Whereas Virender again announced that he will marry Purvi again and from now on no will says Molkki to any woman as all women have dignity. He also purposes Purvi to marry him again and Purvi agrees. Enjoy the complete episode of Molkki on Colors at 10 PM today. Get further Molkki written updates here on Social Telecast.

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