The latest season of Bigg Boss is heading in its upcoming week after a splendid 10th weekend. The third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is providing next-level entertainment to all of its fans. Well, the franchise of the show has again emerged as a blockbuster. All the contestants are trying to compete in the show and trying to reach the finals. Currently, the election for the title of righteous is going in the house of Bigg Boss and as the result, the recent captain of the house Adoney won the title of righteous. Get all the latest updates on Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 below.

(BBM3) Bigg Boss Malayalam 3: Latest Today Elimination/ Eviction Update 25th April 2021 Voting ResultsLater, the host Mohan Lal comes to interact with all the contestants. For the very first the host previewed the complete 10th week of the house. Mohan all focused on how all the members are quarrel with each other and letting each other down. The host also mentioned the behaviour of Kitilian Feroz. After hearing this Kitilan tries to explain himself. But as he opined himself, Lal Nakha comes in the opposition to Feroz, it mentioned several faults in Feroz’s behaviour. Later, when it comes to Dimple, she also alleged that she is being mentally tortured by Feroz for the very first week.

This opinion is about to start a debate when Feroz mentioned himself as a Social Worker. But Dimple says that you never understand from all the things a girl has to go through. Meanwhile, the host discussed the matter of Sandhya as she is the friend of Kitilan Feroz. The host then discussed with all the members of the house to let the Feroz stay back in the house for further days for the flawless running of the show. Mohan Lal also praised the Dimple to become an idol.

Mohanlal later comes up with several issues of the house of all the contestants. He also comes up with Ramadan as he is nominated for breaking the rules of the house. According to punishment, Ramadan writes on the board that he won’t break the rules and also jumps in the pool many times. Catch all the weekend actions of the Bigg Boss Malayalam on Asianet at 9:30 PM on weekends. Fans can enjoy the fresh episodes of the show at 9 PM from Monday to Friday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest written episode updates on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3.

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