Hello, all the entertainment lovers, hold your excitement as Ullu is coming along with another immensely alluring web series titled Lovely Massage Parlour. The trailer of the show has just released on YouTube and since its accumulating colossal attention of the audience. As we all know that the Ullu has become one prominent source of entertainment providing a large number of adult web series because of which the streaming site has fetched a large number of fans among the youngsters. Another vital thing is the affordable subscription of the Digital platform getting high subscribers with the release of each web show.

lovely massage parlour

Recently the streaming site has released Gaon Ki Garmi, Jane Anjane Mein web show. Now, the show is coming with Lovely Massage Parlour. Well, the show is featuring Simran Khan and one of the well-known actress of the entertainment industry Anupama Prakash known for her seducing performance in another famous web show on the digital platform Riti Riwaj. The show achieved much success on the streaming site. It also gained a rapid enhancement in the fanbase of the actress and same the reason is behind the popularity of Lovely Massage Parlour.

Lovely Massage Parlour

Well, as we all know that the fame of the streaming site is increasing. The upcoming web show is going to release in Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, English, and Hindi. It also bagged 274,534 views along with 8.4K likes. This time the story of the show revolves around a girl who is living a life of a dog. Her father fled because of a big debt because of which her mother hospitalised due to high blood pressure. All the situation compelled the girl to work in a massage parlour, however, she doesn’t like the work at all. But she has to do it because of money.

But later she finds that her income is too low and she can’t manage the household. She shared the problem with her colleagues and she tells them she will suggest her way to earn more money. She tells her to let the customer think that she is taking advantage of yours and in exchange, it will provide you extra bucks. Later, the entire staff complete staff started the job of physical intimacy in the same hope of fetching more money. But, later the illegal things come in front of owners and the staff finds their source of income in danger. So, catch the ultimate tempting performance of Anupama Prakash and stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates on Lovely Massage Parlour.

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