The beginning of Bawara Dil happens with Janhvi. She begs Shiva to once listen to her. Shiva asks her to leave as he doesn’t want to hear her rant. Janhvi tells him that she has no house to go to as her family has abandoned her. Later, Janhvi shows bruises on her back to Shiva. The latter gets stunned seeing that. She asks him to wait for the there marks on her body. Janhvi adds that her husband treats her badly which she can’t even tell the world. She continues that she knows that Siddhi will soon return.

Bawara Dil Written Episode 28th April 2021 Update: Mangala Asks Malini To Touch Her FeetJanhvi begs Shiva to give her a place in the house and that she will not even speak anything. Shiva doesn’t utter a word and leaves from there. In the next scene, Mangala comes to Ishwar’s place. She brings out the utensils and starts banging those. Ishwar gets annoyed and asks her to stop making the noise. Ishwar annoyingly asks her why she is even doing all of this. Mangala gets angry and asks him why he didn’t stop his wife when she was doing the same.

She says that his daughter hid the information of her being positive for the virus but their Shiva had to listen so much from the people. Ishwar defends Siddhi and tells her that she failed to inform anyone because she lost her phone somewhere. Mangala laughs sarcastically and tells him to stop making excuses. She says that his family only wanted to defame Shiva and his family and that’s the reason why they kept blaming them for their daughter getting misplaced.

Mangala keeps nagging Mangala. The latter asks her if her apology will work. Ishwar says that they were highly worried about Siddhi so they didn’t notice what they said to them out of anger. Mangala asks them to apologize properly. She orders them to fall on her feet and then ask for forgiveness. Malini tells Mangala that Ishwar is innocent as he didn’t say anything to them.

Later, Ishwar and Malini bend down to touch Mangala’s feet. However, Shiva arrives and stops the couple from doing so. Shiva gives a death glare to Mangala. He asks Ishwar and Malini to not do this and apologies to them instead. Later, Shiva gets a video call from Siddhi. She informs him that she got the phone, he had sent to her.  Keep following our site for the written episode of Bawara Dil.

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