In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, a great mess is going between Mayura and Omkar are fighting for Tara’s custody. They both explain their points and Mayura narrates all the wrong that done by Omkar to her. The women commission holds the decision for a while and told Omkar not to leave the city until the decision is pending. Later, Mayura reveals the secret to Tara that Mayura is her mother. Tara hugs her and asks why didn’t come to see me. She says that she missed her a lot. But Mayura tells her that she had got into something.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14-4-2021

Tara later asks Omkar that she wants to stay with Mayura tonight. But Omkar denies it at first but later allow her but getting fume seeing this. The next morning Tara enters the kitchen and amazing seeing the breakfast. Mayura says that she has prepared everything of her favourite. Mayura asks her to wait outside as she is bringing her breakfast soon. While Anupama is preparing food for Anupama she received a call from Akhilesh and meantime Manjiri tempered Mayura’s tea.

Mayura returns and Manjiri sees that Mayura drinks the tea and gets elated seeing her plan getting succeed. Mayura brings breakfast to the table and Tara asks that both Omkar and Mayura will feed her with their hands. But Omkar says that he always feeds her with her hands now, it is her Mumma’s turn.  Omkar and Mayura are about to pick a spoon in between Tara ask them to feed each other first. At first, they both hesitated but later get agreed to Tara. Suddenly the tampered tea started showing its effect and feels headache. Maura thinks perhaps it is because of less sleep. Manjiri is getting happy with Mayura’s condition.

Later, the women commission come to their home and Mayura brings snacks for her. But Manjiri throws away the snacks saying that it is a cockroach. Omkar stunned seeing her. Mayura recalls when Mayura didn’t drink the tea. Manjiri continues acting weirdly in front of everyone. All the women show their objections and reprimands that is such an environment Tara is being raised. Omkar tries to handle the things but all go in vain. Mayura tries to take Tara school but Omkar and Manjri are trying to provoke Tara against the school. Catch the complete episode on Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9:30. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written updates.

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