In the recent episodes of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, we have watched that Mayura reached the lady who asks her for Mayura. She informed that she went with his father Omkar. Just then she hears Tara’s voice from a car that is driving by Omkar. He waves at Mayura and drives away from there. Omkar then reaches a grand mansion and recalls the time when he used to work on this site in his childhood and remembering his argument with the owner and he challenges him that one day his destiny will shine.

Today's Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 26th April 2021: Mayura Gives Befitting Reply To OmkarOmkar got tears in his eyes, Tara asks Omkar about the house, Omkar tells him that it is the first house that he purchased. Omkar also says that he bends over backward to buy this house. Later, Omkar brings a turmeric plate and asks Tara to mark his handprint on the wall and asks her to enter the house. Tara gets excited and Omkar welcomes her into the house. She says that now you are free to go anywhere in this house.

Tara gets happy and says that it would be more fun if mummy was here. Mayura there is crying for Mayura, she says that she can’t live without Tara. She says that she is going to search for her anyhow. Vishaka received Megha’s image outside the mansion and tells Mayura that they get Tara’s location. Just then Megha goes to Omkar and asks for her money.

She further says that can also help in her legal cases and as she is about to complete law but Omkar doesn’t believe in her and says that even good lawyers lose cases and Mayur has become much stronger. Vishaka shows the image of the mansion to Mayura, she replies that she can recognize this mansion. As this Omkar’s old Haveli.

Mayura suggests going there. Vishaka says that we have to take each step quite carefully, otherwise, we will face consequences.  Vishaka again encourages Mayura to fight against Mayura and they both prepare a plan against Omkar. Omkar there spending some good moments with Tara and she is also enjoying it. Just then Tara throws flour on Omkar but she steps aside it falls on Megha.

Tara recognized her as a kidnapper, but Omkar tries to convince her that she is her aunt and will not harm her. Later, Omkar asks Megha to call servants. She goes but noticed that the gate of the house has been sealed. She promptly goes to Omkar and informs him of the same.

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