In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, we are seeing that Mayura is in great difficulty. She gets to know that Omkar is taking Tara to another city and that’s too within two or three days. Mayura starts crying, she is facing great difficulty as one side she is worrying for Tara and on other hand, Megha is blackmailing her to disclose all of her secrets in front of Omkar. Megha sent this message on Mayura’s phone, Omkar there tries to investigate at Mayura’s home. Mayura gets worried and trying to save his family and his truth from Omkar.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

She gets tensed and trying to plan, she intentionally breaks Tara’s medicine bottle. Manjri noticed it and get furious, she reprimands Mayura. Mayura says that she will bring a new bottle from the pharmacy. Manjiri says asks a servant to bring medicine. But Omkar is heading up to something, he asks Manjiri to let Mayura go to buy medicine. Mayura goes to bring medicine and Omkar starts following her. He doubts that Nayan is none other than Mayura. Mayura also noticed that Omkar is following him.

She finds a chance and instantly informs Akhilesh that Omkar is sending his men to their house for investigation. She appreciates god as it helps her. Mayura returns home and finds that Manjiri is scolding Tara. Manjiri says that Tara has become quite mischievous as she makes moustache on her face. Omkar appreciates Tara, just then Tara says that she wants to make a moustache on his face either. But Omkar denies and Tara gets sad, she says that she won’t talk to her as Omkar never allows him to play. At the same time, Mayura confronts Megha and destroyed all the evidence she is using against her.

Mayura says that if you ever disclose anything she will reveal her adobe of all of her lenders. Megha says what are you thinking of doing, Mayura says that her lips are zipped till your mouth is close. Mayura is playing that hide-and-seek, Tara gets to hide in a cart and the hospital staff take her to Mayura. Omkar asks about Tara but she didn’t find her anywhere, Omkar grabs the doctor’s colour and asks for Tara. Mayura gets worried and starts crying for Tara. The episode ends, get the complete on Colors from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written update.

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