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In the upcoming episode of Choti Sarrdaarni, an interesting twist will get introduced. Today’s episode begins with Pratap’s father. He asks the cops to shoot both Sarabjeet and Kulwant. The duo gets shocked when the officer actually points his gun in their direction. Meanwhile, Kulwant prays for the betterment of Sarabjeet and Meher. She takes care of the children at home. Where as, sandhya succeeds in untieing herself from the chair and even manages to break the wall, originally made to bury Meher.


Choti Sarrdaarni

Choti Sardaarni Today’s Episode

While we see that the cops shoot Sarabjeeet and Kulwant. On another hand, all the children video call Sarab. The latter picks the call and assures the kids that he will soon return home along with Meher safe and fine. As the cop has shot Sarab and Kulwant, he calls Sandhya’s father to inform him about the mission getting accomplished. However, he hears a noise and ends the call to find out who’s making such kinds of noises and from where the noise originates.

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He finds out that the noise is coming from a Jeep and to see who’s inside it, he moves forward. The officer gets shocked seeing Sarabjeet still alive. His attempt to kill Sarabjeet fails, as the latter defends himself smartly. He manages to protect him from the cop and after defending himself, he tags Kulwnat along with him and runs away with her successfully.

The police officer immediately calls Pratap and tells him that Sarab has managed to flee from his trap and how he couldn’t kill him. Pratap ends the call worriedly and guesses that he must have headed towards his residence. On another side, Sandhya cries in pain as she bleeds. She thinks about her child and then gets tensed. In the next scene, Saranjeet phones Inspector General and informs him about everything that is happening there. The IG after listening asks him not to return to his home as it can be proved fatal for him.

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Later, Sarab finds Sandhya and then asks her about the whereabouts of Meher. After a while, Sarab hugs Meher. Meanwhile, the rescue team also arrives. They declare that Meher has died. Sarab couldn’t believe it and gets in deep shock. Kulwant also fumes in anger and announces that she will take revenge for her daughter’s death. Watch Choti Sarrdarni tonight on the Colors channel to find out about what happens next in the story. Follow for more written episodes on the show.



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