In tonight’s episode of Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali, you will watch Sharda goes to get Pallavi where Pallavi replies that Raghav tells me everything just because I’m a lady, and I will not come home until I vanish all the blames on me. There a poor lady comes to Raghav’s home he thinks that she is here to beg for money but she denies taking money by saying I will not take it today because there is some regret in your eyes tonight. In the other scene, you will watch Baba faints due to a heart attack.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali (MHRW) Written Episode Update 26th April 2021: Sharda Leaves The HouseAt the very beginning of the episode, you will watch Baba getting angry at Sharda and yells at her saying if you step out of the house you will lose your Mangalsutra and have to wipe out your vermillion. Nikhil comes in between the spat but Baba says him not to put his nose in this because whatever he is saying is correct and she will not step in this house until I take the last breath. Sharda gets angry she goes and sits in front of god and says that why these men keep warns us about our “Suhaag”.

Sharda sits before of god and asks too many questions such as why there are rituals that are making us weak in the name of our Suhaag? Why only we take their supports to live in the society? Sharda removes all of her ornament and says that we women don’t need the help of men to be alive and to get the deserving status in society. Baba gets shocked after seeing this. Aayi comes to him gives him all the ornaments by saying that if these things are stopping me to meet my daughter you can take all of these because I will meet her anyhow.

Sharda mentions that if a lady ever faces any situation where she has to choose one in her Husband or Kids so she definitely chooses her kids. She calls Nikhil and leaves the home soon. There Kriti goes out of her house where her Amma asks her where she is going she replies that Amma something has happened with Pallavi “I got a call from Krishna and he told me that Baba kicked Pallavi out of the house and now I have to go and check what is happening with her”. Kriti and Sharda go out in the search of Pallavi where Sharda asks where will we find Pallavi. On this Kriti replies that I know where she could be. Well, the episode with this twist, stay tuned to get daily written episode updates on this show.

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