Let’s check the upcoming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali. It starts with Pallavi, the lead character. She is seen heading out from her house. She makes sure that she put the Aadhar Card in her purse. However, she recalls the harsh words by Mansi. She had told her that she doesn’t consider her a sister and she is just her Bhabhi. Pallavi cries thinking how everything changed after Raghav’s allegations. She wipes her tears and heads to the hospital to check up on her father. Another side, Raghav decides to go to his mother and sister’s place.

(MHRW) Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Today's Written Episode 27th April 2021: Pallavi Grabs Raghav's CollarRaghav reaches the place. Both Sharda and Kirti get surprised seeing him there. Raghav brings out the things he brought for his family. He shows them the bouquets and the other presents. Sharda asks him what was the need to bring all of these. Though, she questions if he had done something that needs to be hidden. Raghav tells her that she is suspecting him without any reason as he had not done anything like that.

Soon, Kirti comes to know that Pallavi’s father has landed up in ICU due to his bad health over a call. She tells them about the same. Sharda says that they should definitely go to the hospital. Kirti tells her that the people will get a chance to mock them if they hired a cab. Raghav tells them not to worry as he will drop them there. They agree and get in his car. Pallavi on another side reaches the hospital.

Sulochana comes out and asks Pallavi about her Aadgar Card. She brings it out from her purse and shows it to Sulochana. The latter asks her to wait here while she shows the card inside. Pallavi agrees. Later, Raghav reaches the hospital along with his family. Pallavi picks stones and begins to throws them at Raghav’s car. Raghav panics and tries to prevent himself along with his car. Later, Pallavi goes to him and grabs his collar.

She asks him how could he do this to her. After lashing out at him for a while, Raghav’s mother and sister come out. Pallavi tells them about Raghav that how he entered her house and put false accusations on her. Sharda doesn’t believe but Pallavi makes her believe and accuses Raghav of being the reason for her father’s condition. Sharda tells Raghav that he disappointed her yet again. Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali written episode ends.

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