The recent episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha starts with where Parul makes Darsh understand the rituals of a wedding meanwhile he wonders that it’s too hard. But Nandini encourages him by saying nothing is impossible for him, he can do everything, spontaneously Namrata comes there and start retaliating. By saying that how can they organize such hard rituals for him in the name of a wedding, Another side Gunjan is wondering that if Darsh does not do this so it can be hilarious.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) Today's 16th April 2021 update: Mohan Plans to Kidnap NandiniThen Nandini says to Darsh do not worry just pick her in his arms and she guides him by saying if she has fallen in the river due to the storm, will he not save her and allow her to get swept away with water? Darsh says never ever he will always save her from the troubles and meanwhile, he recalls that how he saved her from the storm. Gunjan tries to pulling Shobit’s leg and says that please do not fall her here, but he is not considering her at all.

After that, Shobit remembers that mistakenly he has done this ritual with Charmi as well, but at that time he did not know that the circumstances will be overturned in this way. But when they start doing the ritual Darsh do it properly he handles Nandini and himself as well. But Shoibit gets lost his balance and Gunjan falls down on the surface, she gets angry because everyone is looking at them. Villagers praise Darsh for doing the ritual properly without misbalancing.

Then both pairs put wedding invitation cards in the feet of Lord Krishna and pray for the best, suddenly Rakla shouts “Jai Dwarkadheesh”. Naveen goes to talk to him meanwhile he says they send sweets for them suddenly Bansuri comes there to handle the situation. She says give this to her she will put it in the right place, but Rakla refuses to give them by making excuses that it’s too heavy. Rakla decides that he will not let happen this marriage at any cost.

Mohan Patel also making conspiracies against them, so that their marriage can not take place at any cost. Under which he planned that he will kidnap Nandini by hook or by crook through which she can not marry him. Another side Namrata is making a scene in the house by saying that they never clicked her wedding photos, but Vipul knows that why she is doing this behavior. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 06:00 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us,

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