The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha will start where Nandini gets to know that her name has already registered for marriage in the registrar’s office with Mohan Patel. After knowing this she gets shocked and dines to recognize Mohan Patel she mentions that there is a misunderstanding that happened so please check it wisely. Nandini gives justification in front of Darsh by saying that she is not betraying him please believe her and she takes sware of Lord Krishna.

Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha 7th April 2021

Then he makes her believe that still, he trusts her, and she starts crying and Shobit tries to calm down her and says that he figures out this misunderstanding. Drash drops Nandini at her house but she keeps on crying and thinking about that incident and tells everything to Bansuri and totally denies about Mahan Patel and she only cares about Darsh that what he will think about her character. Bansuri makes her understand that Shobit definitely will find everything so there is no need to take tension just be relax.

After that, Darsh also reaches his house and comes to know from his father about Rajvi’s trip that she went to Rajkot to fulfil her wish. Because she took a Vow when Darsh’s wedding will fix then she will definitely go there to fulfil. His father announces that they will go tomorrow to Nandini’s house to fix their wedding date and all rituals, another side Mohan Patel who is Milk Vendor says that if someone has money so they can do everything as he did.

The next day Darsh and his entire family members are going to Nandini’s house to fix their wedding, meanwhile, he is talking to Rajvi because he is not feeling nice that she is not there with them. Nandini’s family welcomes them because they got such a nice house for their daughters and they feel blessed to have Rawal’s as their in-laws. They enter the house and they call Nandini and Gunn to meet them and they both are looking amazing.

Darsh Father says that they met Nandini already but it’s their first time to meet Gunn so he wants to talk to her. But Shobit gets worried about his wedding because he is afraid that if his father rejects her so it can destroy Darsh’s happiness so he has to something so that he can not reject her at all. Then Shobit says that he wants to talk to her so could they go for talking and they go, so do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 06:00 PM.

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