The upcoming episode of Molkki begins where Prakashi Devi gets afraid that Virender might come to know her real side of truth. Because she is executing such conspiracies against Purvi and Virender due to she blames him to destroy the life of her younger son. When he starts coming towards her she gets felt queasy and thinks that he gets to know the truth that she did everything against Purvi and she is responsible for her condition so he will not let her forgive.

Molkki Check Today's 9th April 2021 Written Update Episode: Prakashi Gets Exposed?Virender hugs his mother and she wonders that still, her real side is a secret so she can execute another plan of her. As everyone knows that it’s been a long time for Purvi having met her children, she sees that they are behaving strangely which seems inappropriate so she wants to know the comprehensive reason that what-all they have faced in absence of Purvi. She pays some attention to Anjali because she is not expecting this behavior from her due to her bravery.

After that, Virender consoles Purvi and expresses his concern that she got some injuries which need to apply for some medicines so that she can recover as soon as possible. He takes care of her through which Prakash Devi feels frustrated and pretends her lame concern towards Purvi by saying that she needs to take some rest unless she feels normal. Virender makes her understand there is no need to take any pressure and Purvi expresses her love for him.

Then Juhi and Manas praise them that they both are looking overwhelming and they missed them wholeheartedly. Both children mention that now god forbid if they get separated so they will not bear this pain and now they all will stay together. On another side, Virender wonders who takes this revenge from her and who is betraying them. He desperately wants to figure out the name of that person. Because now he can not take a chance for her health so he has to do something regarding this.

But Anjali does not like her comeback in the house again she mentions that again she rescued because according to the plan there was a lack of chances of her safety. But due to her destiny, she arrived again and Anjali makes sure that her next plan will definitely close her chapter. But Prakashi tranquillizes her that now they will have to think twice before taking any step because Virender has come here. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 10:00 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.

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