In the recent episodes of the show, we have watched that Purvi misunderstood things and thinks that Virender again humiliates her. But while she is weeping alone in the corner she overhears the conversation of Anjali and Bhuri while they are back-biting about Purvi and Virender. She also disclosed in their conversation that setting Sakshi mills on fire are their plan. She later says that she also changed the letter wherein Purvi’s punished determined.

Molkki Written Episode 26th April 2021 Today's Update: Prakashi Catches Sakshi Again

Anjali says in that letter we suggest for Purvi walking on burning coals. But Virender again handles the things. Purvi realizes that she is wrong as Virender didn’t betray her. Virender announces that from now on, no one will call Purvi a Molkki as she is against the dignity of any woman. He also says that he is going to marry Purvi again to give her full-fledged rights of being a chief of the village and my wife.

She bends on her knees and purpose Purvi to marry her. Purvi accepts it and the entire village gets elated except Prakahsi and Anjali. Virender also invites a complete village in his marriage. Purvi then colors Virender’s face. Sudha wishes the best for her friend Purvi. But meanwhile, Sudha again leaves Sakhsi’s hand and she again missed.

Prakashi and Anjali are stunned hearing Virender’s announcement. She says that we are getting defeat in all of our battles against that Molkki. Sudha there is looking for Sakshi all over the house. While Sudha is searching for Sakshi, she meets Purvi and asks where were you, Sudha later says that she is quite happy for her today.

Purvi then asked her if she locked Sakshi safely in the cell. She denies and lied to Purvi that she will take her to her NGO. Prakashi and Anjali later notice Sakshi near Shower, they both get stunned. Prakashi goes to her slaps Sakshi reprimands badly. Anjali asks Prkashi what they are going to do now, Prakashi replies that this time Purvi failed to tackle her attack. While Purvi and Virender are talking about their marriage.

Prakashi comes there and says according to the traditional bride and groom can’t see each other faces until the marriage. They both get separated room, but Virender tries to enter Purvi’s room at midnight. But Purvi asks her to go away otherwise someone catches us. But Virender enters Purvi’s room but at the same time Prakashi knocks on the door and they both get afraid.

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