The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha begins where Rajvi wonders about Nandini and asks for her, Vanlata replies that both Bride went for the makeup. Rakla says to Rajvi how the preparations looking like, she praises him by saying everything is looking adorable. Then Rajvi thinks that how much time she is taking for makeup, would she come at the correct time, Rakla wonders that now she will not come at all. But Mohan made her hostage and says once they will get married then she can express her anger on him.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Today's April 24th 2021 ANNS Written Update: Nandini Escapes From Mohan PatelThen Nandini struggles to get release herself from there because she is wondering that at any cost she will have to reach the pavilion on time. Darsh asks why they are not coming, meanwhile, Naveen brings Gunjan there and makes an excuse that Nandini is coming with Bansuri. Then Darsh wishes to see Nandini in Bridal attire, but at the same time, Bansuri comes to inform them that she did not find Nandini. Darsh & Rajvi gets shocked and says she should find her properly in the entire hotel, Bansuri replies that she is not there and they get worried about her.

After that, Naveen interrogates Gunjan about Nandini but she pretends unfamiliar with this and after hearing this, Vipul makes a call to the driver who was about to pick her. He replies that he did not pick her she was coming in another car and says that he tried to stop her but they did not stop. Then Namrata tries to accuse her by saying that she has stolen all jewellery, Rajvi stops her and says she can not do this. They think to file a missing report of her, but Darsh says he is going to find her because she is in trouble.

Then Shobit says that he will go to find her do not worry, Gunjan says that if he goes so what will happen to her wedding. But Darsh refuses to stop himself there and Rajvi says that for the sack of her he will have to stop. On another side, Mohan Patel says to Nandini that he brought “Magal Sutra” for her but she refuses to wear it, and Mohan Patel says do not force him for that. But Gunjan tries to convince them that good omen is passing so please starts their wedding. But they refuse to start the wedding without Nandini and Darsh.

Then Naveen says please do not stop the marriage, Darsh makes them understand that their wedding stopped as per the circumstances. So there is no need for Shobit and Gunjan’s wedding, but finally, Nandini escapes herself from Mohan Patel’s hand. She comes there at the correct time and everyone gets happy to see her, then Gunjan says she should not have trusted Mohan Patel because their plan got ruined and their wedding begins. So do not forget to stream it on Star Plus at 06:00 PM and for further information stay connected with us.

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