The most shocking news is arriving ahead among the people that Delhi Government has imposed the night curfew so that they can control the Covid-19 pandemic. As per the reports of news agency ANI, that Curfew will take a place from 10 PM to 5 Am till 30th April. The government has taken this decision under keeping the circumstances of coronavirus in their mind because in Delhi on Monday 3,548 new cases were recorded,  2,936 people recovered, and 15 deaths. Still, Delhi has 147989 including 14,589 active cases.

Night Curfew In Delhi timings

When the cases are rising day-by-day hence government had to make a decision about the night curfew but previously they refused it, but according to the recent circumstances which are happening opposite to their thinking. So they can not more for bad consequences and therefore they decided to organize the night curfew but still, they are talking about the time duration for it. Through which no one had not to face any trouble but it’s necessary to do something so that the cases can control cases.

Delhi’s CM shared his good gesture towards Prime Minister Modi because he took the vaccine easily and encouraged people. He wrote to Pm Modi and urging him to relax the norms for opening more vaccination centres so that everyone can get the vaccine. He added that if permission gets granted so they can vaccinate all the people who are living in Delhi under three months so that they can boost their immune system and fight against Coronavirus.

The health minister of Delhi Mr Satyendar Jain has said that now all citizens are facing the 4th wave of Coronavirus which is spreading wider than the previous wave. So now the testing capacity also increased because it’s necessary to stop it, he said that everyone has to take all precautions so that they can prevent themself from the virus because precaution is better than a cure so take it wisely and put the mask, regularly sanitize hands and wash as well.

As everyone knows that numerous people have lost their lives due to the virus and at that time no one knew the proper cure for the virus. But now everyone knows that they can beat it by taking precautions and social distancing, in the last year government took such steps as if someone goes outside so it’s necessary to put the mask on their face. Even all monuments and temples were closed so that people can not go anywhere else, but now again the situation is becoming the same so please take all precautions.

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