In the recent episodes of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, we have watched that after humiliating Omkar in front of NGO women and Police. Mayura and Vishaka are planning for the future. Mayura tells Vishaka that she is elated after meeting her daughter. She further says that it is feeling like she has been separated from her daughter for many years. But Megha is planning something else for Mayura. She disguised as the maid and kidnaps Tara. After Mayura comes there and sees that Tara is missing, she again doubts the maid thinks that it must be Megha disguising as Maid.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka (PKK) Today's Written Update April 23rd 2021 Episode: Omkar Takes Tara From Mayura

She called Akhilesh to confirm her doubt and asks him where is she. Akhilesh tells her that she is not here. Mayura tells everything to Akhilesh that she kidnapped Megha. Megha takes Tara to a hotel room whereas Mayura goes to Omkar’s house with the police force and alleged him for kidnapping her daughter. Police find the entire house but don’t find anything. Omkar also says that you won’t find anything here as I am twice the man than you are in these games.

At the same time, Tara wakes up and asks Megha who is she. Megha introduces herself as her Mausi (maternal aunt). But Tara insists on her mother. Megha tries to handles her and says that your father will come here and take you and then you both go to your mother. But Tara didn’t listen to her and says that he needs her mother right away. Megha calls Omkar but as he is with Mayura he didn’t answer the call. But she again calls her and he also doesn’t attend the call due to the same reason.

Later, when Mayura leaves Omkar goes to Megha but by then Tara fools Megha and flee from there. Omkar reaches there and Megha tells her everything. He scolds Megha that she can’t even handle a girl much younger than you. He asks his men to search Tara. Mayura there is also afraid of Tara. But Tara goes to a lady and calls Mayura and shares her location. She asks her to take her but in between Mayura’s phone ran out of battery.

Mayura hastily goes there and asks the lady for Tara. The lady says that her phone gets switched off the girl called her father and went along with him. Tara calls Mayura from the car and Omkar waives at Mayura and goes from there. Mayura runs after the car. Bookmark Social Telecast for more Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written update.

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