The upcoming episode of Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein will begin where Pakhi tries to ask Virat that why he can not have dinner in his room instead Dinning table because he used to have dinner with Sayi. But Virat expresses rage by saying that does she has any problem if heh eat at Dinning table. She reminds him that he can not talk to her badly because it’s not appropriate at all, then they go towards Dinning table. He says that he has to punish Pulkit and make sure to his family that he will definitely bring her back to Chavan’s house.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written 15th April 2021 Today's Episode: Pakhi Inflames Virat Against SayiThen Bhavani yells at Ashwini that why she is giving food to Sai who eloped Devyani and got her married along with Servent’s son. She retaliates with Ashwini and says that they did not earn the food to waste on such people, But meanwhile Ashwini replies to Bhavani that she has spent her entire life in this house, and she has tolerated it a lot of things but now she can not bear this anymore. When Virat was sending her outside from the house, at that time she did not say anything.

But she can not see her hungry at all, and no one can stop her to give her food but Bhavani shouts, by saying that when they sent her out so what she is doing here. Aarohi says to her that it’s been a late night and where she will go at this time, so please understand this. Then Bhavani calls Virat and informs that Ashwini is giving food to Sayi meanwhile Virat comes to her and asks that what she is doing here. Ashwini replies a mother can not see her child’s hungry hence she is here.

All house members are supporting him but she quiets her mouth, but now she can not do this, because she made food for them in her entire life. If someone were in her place, they would take a lit more money, but she can not take even the single penny from them. Sayi says that she will definitely retaliate for her insult with interest. Pakhi keeps on inflaming them against Sayi, but Sayi can not do anything against her because her parents feed her with good ethics.

Bhavani shouts by saying that still, she did not get peace after destroying their lives and now again she is making conspiracies against them. Sayi replies to Bhavani that the entire world knows very well that who makes conspiracies against others. But Pakhi is taking advantage of it because she knows that it will be beneficial for her, hence she is doing such things against Sayi. Virat says to Ashwini that now she should come inside the house, But Ashwini says unless Sayi eats, she will not come inside. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus At 08:00 PM.

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